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Leadership in a Collaborative Model

Here’s a short paper I wrote about leadership in an Open Source Model (Non-security related for a change).

Leadership in a Collaborative Model


Today, the internet has allowed greater collaboration amongst people. This has sparked organizations and projects which are based solely on a collaborative model. Because such a model is fairly recent, some classical ideas of leadership may not hold true in a modern context. Therefore, in this paper, I study the fairly unexplored idea of leadership in a modern collaborative modeled organization (which I define as organizations modeled around collaborative systems) and discuss the various factors that lead to its success and failure. This research is done through a study of Open Source Software Development projects, which is a prime example of organized groups built largely upon the idea of collaboration. To do this, I use various publications, papers and articles on collaboration through technology and Open Source in Business. In addition, I draw from past and present philosophers and scholars such as Marcus Tullius Cicero, Benjamin Barber, Heather Gautney and Professor Deborah Gordon as they speak about their ideas of leadership. In this paper, I will show that a collaborative modeled organization should not have a central leadership, but should rather rely on common interest among the people. In addition, I conclude that a collaborative modeled organization may be preferred when innovation is fundamental to the goals of the organization.


Leadership, Collaboration, Open Source, Innovation, ConsensusĀ 


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